Economic Development Tax Abatement

Consistent with the GREDA/City Business Subsidy Policy, the City of Grand Rapids will consider the use of economic development tax abatement for a broad range of projects and purposes. Permitted uses of abatement include the following:

    • General economic development, such as increasing the tax base or the number of jobs in the area
    • Construction of public facilities or infrastructure (e.g., streets and roads)
    • Redevelopment of blighted areas
    • Providing access to services for residents (e.g., housing or retail would be common examples)
    • Deferring or phasing in a large (over 50 percent) property tax increase
    • Providing relief for businesses with estimated market value of $250,000 or less who have disrupted access due to public transportation projects
Grand Rapids - $258,599
Grand Rapids
This site is situated on a bluff with impressive views of the Mississippi River. Located in the Downtown, the site is in close proximity to shops, restaurants and professional and government services. The site is accessed by a new road

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