Comprehensive Housing Needs Analysis Completed

2014 Grand Rapids Area Housing Market Analysis-CoverThe Itasca County Housing Institute, a collaboration of entities, including the City of Grand Rapids, which are interested in promoting the development of all forms of housing in the Grand Rapids area have announced the recent completion of the Comprehensive Housing Needs Analysis for the City of Grand Rapids. The Housing Needs Analysis provides recommendations on the amount and types of housing that should be developed in order to meet the needs of current and future households who choose to reside in the City.

The scope of this study includes: an analysis of the demographic and economic characteristics of the City; a review of the characteristics of the existing housing stock and building permit trends; an analysis of the market condition for a variety of rental and for-sale housing products; and an assessment of the need for housing by product type in the City. Recommendations on the number and types of housing products that should be considered in the City are also supplied.

View or download a copy of the report here: Comprehensive Housing Needs Analysis


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