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Major Employers

Major Employers in the City of Grand Rapids



Approximate Number of Employees


I.S.D. #318 Public Education 675 6111
Grand Itasca Clinic and Hospital Hospital 617 6221
UPM Blandin Paper Mill Paper Mill 460 3221
Arrowhead Promotion & Fulfillment Co. Coupon Redemption 349 5619
Itasca County County Government 310 9211
Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Discount Retail 300(a) 4521
City of Grand Rapids City Government 225(a) 9211
Terex Corporation All Season Vehicle Manufacturing 225 3369
Grand Village Nursing Home(b) Skilled Nursing care Facilities 195 6231
L & M Fleet Supply Retail 120(a) 4441
Target Corporation Department Store 119(a) 4521
Itasca Community Collage Secondary Education 115(a) 6112
Cub Foods Grocery 100(a) 4451
Sawmill Inn Hotel 91(a) 7211
Grand Hospitality(c) Hotels 70 7211

Source: Telephone survey of individual employers, July 2011
(a) Includes full- and part-time employees

(b) Formerly Itasca County Nursing Home

(c) Includes 25 part-time employees

Grand Rapids - $258,599
Grand Rapids
This site is situated on a bluff with impressive views of the Mississippi River. Located in the Downtown, the site is in close proximity to shops, restaurants and professional and government services. The site is accessed by a new road

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